Somafco was the centre of the community. Often referring to the entire 1000 hectare infrastructure, people say ‘Somafco’. The community was basically designed to support Somafco ‘the school’. Other community uplifting activities existed, giving youth an option other than academic education.

A garment factory was established which produced shoes, belts and clothing for the students and the greater community.

Various agricultural activities were also in place and again, all produce was supplied to the students and other residents.

The Vuyisile Mini factory supplied the community with desks and chairs for the college and the community library, as well wooden products for residential homes such as tables and beds, etc.

These were amongst many other support structures which made education in Somafco as uninterrupted a process as possible. The likes of O R Tambo, who were mobilizing the world-over, knew that an ideology and clarity of thought could only be strengthened through the most powerful weapon without which any oppressive force could never victor. EDUCATION!

In Somafco/Mazimbu, the ANC supported by many individuals and organizations in solidarity with it, displayed its idea of an independent self-reliant integrated model community and in particular, youth development. It displayed and put to action its idea on education from early childhood development to secondary school.