Write an essay detailing how, as a young active South African citizen, you will mobilize other youth to participate enmass in the upcoming 2014 elections. Your essay must give a background on youth perspective (research) on democratic participation and should also detail (practically) how you will spark interest within and in broader society,across the racial spectrum.

The SOMAFCO Educational Tour started in 2008 when the SOMAFCO Trust, then known as SOMAFCO X, mobilised resources for a journey which its then media partner, City Press, described as a “ journey of reconciliation”. The objective then was to reconnect with a “ little corner of South Africa” which was home to many young and old South Africans who fled persecution from the apartheid regime to nonetheless contribute to the struggle for freedom.

More importantly, the objective was to expose a South African heritage which belongs to South Africans and the solidarity movement to young people in particular thus preserving and promoting this history.

Through the support of the Independent Development Trust ( IDT), the SOMAFCO Trust has been able to annualize the educational Tour and renamed it the O.R.Tambo Educational Tour in memory and homage to the late Oliver Reginald Tambo without whom, Mazimbu may not have developed to its full extent.