The custodians and propagators of the constructive values of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College for the benefit of youth.

About the Trust

The Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO) Trust is a non-partisan, South African youth development organization which draws its inspiration from the history of SOMAFCO, a college which was established by the African National Congress (ANC) on land donated to it by the Tanzanian government in 1977.

SOMAFCO was established with the support of the international solidarity movement during the apartheid years.They financial and other forms of contributions notably influenced the activities and the success of the overall project in area called Mazimbu.

The SOMAFCO Trust was established in late 2006 by former SOMAFCO students and is open to participation from youth from various backgrounds and all political orientations.

SOMAFCO Trust’s focus is on youth as defined by the South African youth government i.e 18-35 years. Some of our programs involve youth from Tanzania and have involved youth from different countries such as Mozambique and Ghana. We empower youth through through programs developed by the SOMAFCO Trust and for which we have raised funds. The main program has been an annual educational immersion to Tanzania, Morgoro, now called the Uhuru Africa Initiative. We have had other successful programs which have included:
1. SOMAFCO Enterprise Development Programme
2. SOMAFCO Dialogues
3. SOMAFCO Prize Initiative

“ Today,thanks to the great ventures in SOMAFCO,Mazimbu and Dakawa,that new society, envisaged in the Freedom Charter,in fact is being born” O.R. Tambo, 1985 

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