The University of Fort Hare (UFH) was founded in 1916. To date, this institution boasts an influential alumni comprising of the likes of O. R Tambo, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela; to mention but a few.

These heavyweights of the liberation struggle and humanity, were former members of the ANC Youth League and the University’s Student Representative body; thus ushering in a new epoch in the struggle for liberation.

Education feeds critical Epochs

Empowered by education and their unwavering values of humanity, leaders of the ANC, PAC, BCM, church leaders,Unions and other formations refused to surrender their fight for the liberation of South Africa and through this invaluable tool, these critical and lucid thinkers were able to influence campaigns and policies aimed at an equal society.

Education remained at the vanguard of liberation efforts. Just like a silent spirit, it selected its champions, chose its voice and found its subtle and sophisticated forms to influence the direction of history; thus shaping the future. All its disciples played a vital role in the sustenance of the struggle for equality within the country and in exile.

The UFH generation took over the baton from the generation of 1912 and began to radicalize the movement and steer it towards a more robust approach to the demands of the people and democracy. The Unions, under the leadership of JB Marks also played a visible and commanding role in stewarding the movement of the people.

This generation, led mostly by tertiary educated youths, took the struggle for equality to the next plateau.