Volunteer Programs

Become part of the SOMAFCO Trust Volunteer Network by participating and supporting some of the SOMAFCO Trust activities.

Adopt- A- Learner

The SOMAFCO Trust undertakes dialogues in partnership with the Department of Basic Education.Through this program, we interact and engage with learners from predominantly township schools. From these engagements, we often meet students with a lot of potential who would excel or do better if they had additional support in their studies.

An hour of your time per month could make the difference between a “B” student to a “A” student per month.

The SOMAFCO Trust can match You with a learner who would value your time and support.

Adopt -A- Program

  • The SOMAFCO Prize Initiative

The SOMAFCO Prize Initiative is a flagship program of the SOMAFCO Trust. The main thrust of the program is to


initiatives with the highest impact potential ( Beacons of Excellence) within the education sphere. These are initiatives which embody excellence but also have the potential of growing into national champions through growth and replication.

This program is endorsed and partnered by the Department Basic Education and supported by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe. The SOMAFCO Trust,together with its partners, the Independent Development Trust and Mckinsey & Company, are working towards further supporting these initiatives to ensure that they grow into models worthy of national replication.

The first set of initiatives/organizations ( 3 of them-Ngezandla Zethu,Loaves and Fishes Network and Qongwana Primary School) where identified through a 9-month filtering process which culminated with the top 3 from 80 applications being awarded a financial reward where identified on the 3rd June 2011.
But money is never enough!

The SOMAFCO Trust together with its partners is working to offer non-financial support in order to support these initiatives to optimise their performance and expand as organizations.
You could have the skills, will and resource which can help make these identified initiatives national beacons of excellence. Should you be willing to support these initiatives send a brief biography of your yourself or organization and what your are willing to do to somafcox@somafcox.org.za.

  • The O R Tambo Edu-Tour

The O R Tambo Edu-Tour is a program that aims to leverage the legacy of SOMAFCO to predominantly inspire young active citizens to ‘further’ tgeir efforts and contributions towards nation building. The Education Tour, which takes participants on 7-9 day educational Tour to the SOMAFCO in Tanzania, is also a means of preserving and promoting the legacy of SOMAFCO.

During the Tour, dialogues take place between the students of the Sokoine University at the Solomon Mahlangu Campus ( formerly SOMAFCO). There exists a number of auxillary opportunities related to the Tour for organizations interested in Tourism,entertainment,history and business. There is also a significant PR mileage that can be gained from supporting the Tour.

Organization interested in rewarding staff members and branding their organizations can contact the SOMAFCO Trust for details.

The SOMAFCO Trust is continously expanding the program and the 2011 Tour will feature a dynamic program. If you and or your organization are interested in the program please send you information to oredutours@idt.org.za
I can want to participate and or facilitate a dialogue (SOMAFCO Dialogues)

The SOMAFCO Trust dialogues are structured to ensure maximum participation of attendents to ensure knowledge sharing takes place.

As part of ensuring maximum value participants usually get split into commissions to focus on key issues and thereafter make presentations to all participants at the end. This process requires facilitators to ensure that engagements focus on the issue and produce valuable outcomes to be shared.
Research is also a key factor for facilitators as they have to be relatively knowledgeable on the topic which they will facilitate.

If you wish to either participate as a delegate or facilitator, please send your  information to somafcox@somafcox.org.za.
I can adjudicate

The SOMAFCO Prize Initiative,the O R Tambo Edu-Tour program and the upcoming SOMAFCO Young Writers competition are all examples of programs of the SOMAFCO Trust that require independent adjudicators to ensure transparency and fairness. This is the general modus operandi of the SOMAFCO Trust which enables fairness and broader participation of society in  its programs.
We constantly need adjudicators to who will enhance the integrity and credibility to the SOMAFCO Trust programs.

If you are interested in being an adjudicator, please send us a brief biography of yourself at: somafcox@somafcox.org.za.

Future SOMAFCO Trust programs,including enterprise development programs and career guidance programs will soon be launched and will need the participation of citizens and persons committed to nation building and youth development.