Winn a tour to Tanzania

Win a trip to Tanzania



The Uhuru Africa Initiative is flagship program of the SOMAFCO Trust. It is a 7 year old educational tour to Tanzania that has taken over 300 young people to Tanzania. In 2015, it evolved in an exchange program but introducing a 2 day leg in South Africa in the form of the Legends in the Making program.

The  initiative which was initially the O.R Tambo Edu Tour, is growing to become a platform to that not only aims to preserve and promote the heritage of SOMAFCO in memory but become an active contributor to the development of youth in the 21st century. The program is growing from being just a liberation and cultural heritage initiative into a platform to connect aspiring entrepreneurs, musicians and writers. The core objective is to leverage the rich heritage to create opportunities for continued growth.

The SOMAFCO Trust believes that history should inspire initiative as opposed to its magnitude being a paralyzing factor. We believe the SOMAFCO history, in its broadest sense, should catalyse new connections and new ventures that are relevant to South Africa.

Find our more about the tour on or email us at to find out how to particpate.