Nova Pioneer

Mission: To educate young people who are prepared to create a better world for themselves and others.

The SOMAFCO Trust is proud to be strategically associated and involved in Pioneer Academies, an entrepreneurial venture that which holds the vision of making a fundamental contribution to the education system and producing the type of citizens that a future South Africa will need.

Pioneer Academies is a social enterprise, carrying a social purpose of creating a better world. It is aimed at ensuring that high quality education is achieved in South Africa and the other parts of the continent thus producing the leaders of the future. SOMAFCO Trust’s participation in Pioneer Academies will enable it to augment these objectives through its existing programs such as SOMAFCO Dialogues and new programs to be launched in 2014 by the SOMAFCO Trust.

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The SOMAFCO Trust has invested in the small-holding farm in Mpumalanga that was purchased by the Seriti Institute. The SOMAFCO Trust and Seriti Institute entered into a MoU in 2013 which gave effect to the strategic partnership to convert the small-holding plot secured by Seriti Institute into a youth development and training center drawing much inspiration and vision from the history of SOMAFCO. The combined experience, programs and passion of both entities, will result in significant empowerment programs for young people. Through the SOMAFCO-SERITI Campus, young people will be provided with training on an on-going basis by the SOMAFCO Trust and Seriti Institute.

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For most of its programs such as the SOMAFCO Young Writers Competition, the O.R Tambo Edu Tour and its new clothing line which has been developed in order to raise funds for the SOMAFCO Trust, the SOMAFCO Trust will be making available various products. Proceeds generated contribute towards the operations and programs of the SOMAFCO Trust.

Most of the products are produced in South Africa by young people at a BEE owned factory in Johannesburg, by purchasing the products, you support local business, youth empowerment and skills development.

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The SOMAFCO Trust like any NGO relies on the goodwill and support of generous donors. The SOMAFCO Trust welcomes any support and donations made. The SOMAFCO Trust is a Section 18a approved entity. Should you be interested in making a donation kindly send your enquiry to for more details.