The Somafco Trust was registered in 2006 as the Somafco X Trust with registration number IT 12646/06. Initially, it was driven as an alumni organization however consequent to the introspection, the organization was positioned to meet the vision that drove the formation of the original Somafco.


Somafco Trust’s Journey

Prior to being formally registered as a Trust, SOMAFCO X held two “Letsemas” where food parcels were distributed to needy returned exiles and former community members- some of whom were our former teachers. Though this idea was halted due to its unsustainability, its success included the ability to provide food parcels to 10 families at each Letsema gathering.

The most encouraging part of this effort however was that former Somafco students, Mazimbu community members, united to contribute to these two “Letsemas”. This demonstrated the bond that exists between the people who were originally in Somafco and willingness to assist one another.

Additionally and most importantly, small as they were, we managed to talk about the SOMAFCO initiative, its aim and idea of entrenching democracy and good neighborliness by invoking Somafco/Mazimbu’s heritage to recapture community values, propel moral regeneration and a crime free society.

The fundamental message is that the social task of which the Mazimbu community sought to imbue in the community members found some sort of expression. What is now the Somafco Trust is a more focused and relevant approach/form to the essence of the legacy of Somafco. The Somafco Trust is the continuation of the project to build the new men and women that a new South Africa needs.

The Launch Of The Somafco X Trust

Through the support of the Independent Development Trust (Anchor Partner) and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund ( now NYDA), the SOMAFCO X Trust was successfully launched on April 06, 2007 with the inaugural lecture delivered by one of our honourable patrons, Mr. Henry Makgothi.

Mr Henry Makgothi, in his speech ” building on a rich legacy” made it a point to quote one of the Somafco Trust’s initial communications, welcoming all youth and from all walks of life to participate in the Somafco X Trust activities.

This was poignant because it sent out a clear message that the objectives and aims of Somafco during the exile years was to prepare the students for a bigger responsibility towards South Africa’s reconstruction.

Tiyende Pamodzi- The trip To Tanzania, Mazimbu in 2008

IN 2008, the Somafco X Trust supported by BHP Billiton, AngloGold Ashanti, the then Umsobomvu Youth Fund ( Now NYDA), private donors and in partnership with the City Press, Xarra Bookstores and Metro FM Talk, undertook a historic trip to Tanzania for 7 days.

This initiative commenced in the form a competition which encouraged people to submit essays on a number of key issues relating to South Africa’s society and its history.

The winners, adjudicated by City Press and Metro FM Talk, came from all walks of life and where exposed to a true story which otherwise is hardly in the public domain in South Africa. This initiative has been evolved and is now called the O R Tambo Study Tours

Somafco Trust’s Deepening Democracy through the Youth Vote Campaign

In 2009, Somafco X Trust initiated and executed a no-partisan youth vote campaign called “7909”. It served to commemorate the 30th year since the execution of Solomon Mahlangu in 1979 and the encourage youth participation in the 4th general elections.

This campaign gave the Somafco Trust widespread publicity and provided the Trust with key lessons, which it intends to leverage.

The Somafco Trust facilitated a “South Africa 2030 Debate” at the Walter Sisulu square in Kliptown on February 28, 2009 as part of the campaign where all youth political formations and organizations where invited to discuss their envisaged future. See facebook group 7909.