The SOMAFCO Trustees are young individuals who, of their own volition, decided that the ethos and principles of SOMAFCO, the communities of Mazimbu and Dakawa and the exile experience in general, can play a role in amplifying South Africa’s vision and democracy.

Underpinning the progress of the SOMAFCO Trust to date, is a collective effort not only by the Trustees but the support extended by individuals and organizations that share in the experience of SOMAFCO, ethos and principles that anchored the communities of Mazimbu and Dakawa.

Friends who are sympathic and understanding of SOMAFCO’S history, its relevance to modern day South Africa, have also made various forms of contributions to ensure the success of this initiative to date.

The SOMAFCO Trust Executive Team

Mr. Tlholo Mohlathe – Mr. Mohlathe is a former SOMAFCO student and Head of the SOMAFCO Trust. Together with his team, he has worked tirelessly to secure the growth and development of the SOMAFCO Trust. A number of key  and crucial partnerships have been established under his stewardship. Tlholo gained much of his experience through entrepreneurial ventures one of which led him to the final stage of the Endeavor SA high impact entrepreneur search.

Mr. Oupa Mahlatsi – Mr. Mahlatsi co-founded the SOMAFCO X initiative which later evolved into the SOMAFCO X Trust and now the SOMAFCO Trust. Mr. Mahlatsi’s selfless contribution and commitment has helped the SOMAFCO Trust to grow in leaps and bounds. He is currently responsible for administration and operations. Mr. Mahlatsi leads to the SOMAFCO Trust’s social mobilization and facilitation programme commonly referred to as the asset based community development programme.

The SOMAFCO Team Members

Ms. Nomafa Matlou –  Is a former SOMAFCO student and holds a diploma in business management. Ms Matlou,a trustee, has been with the SOMAFCO Trust from inception and has played a very critical role at important. She adds immense value to the strategic direction of the SOMAFCO Trust as a trustee and participates passionately during the implementation process of programs.

The SOMAFCO Trust team was bolstered by the inclusion of Mr.Ntokozo Thusi and Ms Dumisile Nxumalo, who continue to support the SOMAFCO Trust on a project to project basis.

In general, the network of former students and Mazimbu community members, have lived up to the vision held by the ANC for its students…”

  • “prepare cadres to serve the national struggle of the people of South Africa in the phase of the struggle for seizure of political power and the post liberation phase”; and
  • “produce such cadres as will be able to serve the society in all fields i.e. political, economic, socio-cultural, educational and scientific..”.

In essence, these statements demonstrate that the purpose their lives in Somafco was for the transformation of South Africa from a pariah state to a fully fledged democracy. To this extent, we salute the spirit demonstrated by former students when called up and in their individual endeavors!

We encourage all committed South Africans to join the Somafco Volunteer network to participate in our social efforts when they arise.