The empowerment of disadvantaged youth today and ensure that they are the pioneers of South Africa and Africa’s future.

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Hey fam!!!

We will be holding another competition in the next couple of days. Keep your eyes glued to our page!

Happy women's day to our sisters in the SOMAFCO family, we appreciate you! ...

The winners for our Facebook essay Competition are Sanelisiwe Portia Xulu with 5608 points and Molepa Seabela with 5192 points.

Congratulations, will see you in Tanzania!
Thank you for taking part in the competition,

  • After we have all our winners,we will announce something new because new things are nice nje.,
  • We already 4 people on this year's tour who won via Facebook. 6 more through essay questions will win and then 4 more through YouTube!,
  • Have a great weekend fam..wiggle wiggle wiggle,
  • If you are that person and Africa is your home... Tanzania is your destination and our tour is part of that journey,
  • If making Africa realize your potential has been your heartbeat ... we got you on this one!,

Win a trip to Tanzania


Quotes By The Heroes

Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the struggle, my blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. A luta continua
Solomon Mahlangu

As well as fighting the regime. We consciously prepared our people to play a meaningful role in a liberated South Africa. In this regard, we founded the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Morogoro, Tanzania, in 1979. When we approached the Tanzanian government with the idea of a school, they readily gave us land on which SOMAFCO stands today.
O.R.Tambo, 48th ANC National Conference, Durban

Just like I indicated that this is not a ordinary college, and I meant it, this college or rather the idea behind this college was to prepare the South African youth deprived of so many of its opportunities inside the country to prepare them to play a role not only in our struggle but a role in Future.
Chris Hani

Today, thanks to the great ventures in SOMAFCO, Mazimbu and Dakawa, that new society, envisaged in the Freedom Charter, in fact is being born.
O.R. Tambo

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